We offer these restorative massages, both at an energy and physical level. We have in our hands the possibility of seeking and finding this vital balance for a pleasant and free life through many activities. The great benefit of massage, in this case, is direct contact with the therapist's hands, which can release tension and blockages through a soft and gentle touch. Pressing the key points of our body we can release the stagnant energy that prevents the regular flow of our energy through the meridians that cover our entire body.

With the regulation of the energy flow, it is the body itself that comes to self-healing and through deep relaxation, we have the possibility to connect with ourselves and thus find the answers we need.

This is the purpose of the massage and the benefits that it brings with it are multiple: a sensation of lightness, deep relaxation, strength, good sleep, good humor and what everyone needs at this time.



Full Body Massage - 90 min  90€      

Shoulder-back-neck - 60 min  70€

Legs and feets massage - 45 min  50€



Pricing / Group Pricing

Full body massage - 90 min (+3 people) 75€

Full body massage - 60 min (+3 people) 60€






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· Private Chef


· Full Fridge service